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Racecourse Details

Name Windsor
Address Windsor SL4 5JJ, Berkshire
Country United Kingdom
Code Flat
Surface Turf

Latest Race Results

Race 1 Results 13:20 17-10-2022
Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer
1 Richard P Smith Mr Fletcher Yarham E A L Dunlop
2 Fen Tiger Mr R Birkett Miss J Feilden
3 Jacks Profit Miss Victoria Malzard P D Evans
4 It's How We Roll Lewis Kent J L Spearing
5 Just Hiss Mr Thomas Easterby T D Easterby
6 Good Impression Miss Jessica Llewellyn B J Llewellyn
7 Magical Dragon Mr F Tett P R Chamings
8 The Game Is On Mr Guy Mitchell George Baker
9 Eagles Dare Miss Sophie Smith D J Coakley
10 Berrygar Mr Henry Main Mrs H Main
11 Gold Souk Mr Fred Gordon D Steele
12 Fighting Poet Mr James Turner R T Phillips
13 Devorgilla Miss S Brotherton George Baker
14 Allset Miss Eleanor Williams Evan Williams
NR Balgowan Miss Teagan Padgett M F Harris
NR Eagle's Realm Miss Fern O'brien F O'brien
Race 2 Results 13:50 17-10-2022
Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer
1 Proverb Tom Marquand George Boughey
2 Lulworth Cove S M Levey R Hannon
3 Ferrous Rob Hornby M R Channon
4 Radio Goo Goo P Cosgrave P D Evans
5 Desert Fighter Cieren Fallon P F I Cole
6 Once Adaay George Wood Mrs I Gansera-Leveque
7 Dropskipandump Aidan Keeley P Crate
8 Get Busy Charlie Bennett J Gallagher
9 Empire Of The Sun Theodore Ladd Rae Guest
10 Kwiz Finley Marsh Mark Pattinson
NR Must Catch Up D C Costello M P Tregoning
Race 3 Results 14:25 17-10-2022
Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer
1 Porterinthejungle David Egan Robyn Brisland
2 Ellie Piper Cieren Fallon Robyn Brisland
3 Coronation Cottage Charlie Bennett M S Saunders
4 Haveagobeau P Cosgrave J R Boyle
5 Sparked Hector Crouch J R Boyle
6 Notre Maison Rob Hornby W S Kittow
7 Pettochside D C Costello J J Bridger
8 Blue Venture Mollie Phillips A W Carroll
9 Major Pusey Aidan Keeley Robyn Brisland
10 Firenze Rosa George Rooke J J Bridger
11 Meganseigthteen Tom Marquand J Butler
NR Thank The Lord Theodore Ladd S Hodgson
Race 4 Results 15:00 17-10-2022
Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer
1 Bearaway Tom Marquand H Morrison
2 Wisper Aidan Keeley M P Tregoning
3 Glen Esk Kaiya Fraser C F Wall
4 Lawn Ranger Theodore Ladd M J Attwater
5 End Result David Egan Jane Chapple-Hyam
6 Andaleep R Kingscote D & C Kubler
7 Danville Charles Bishop Eve Johnson Houghton
8 The Whipmaster T P Queally G L Moore
9 He's A Latchico Anna Gibson G L Moore
10 Group One Power Rob Hornby A M Balding
NR Mark Of Respect Hector Crouch J G Portman
Race 5 Results 15:35 17-10-2022
Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer
1 V Twelve R Coakley Ed Walker
2 Chips And Rice Kaiya Fraser C F Wall
3 Showman R Kingscote H Morrison
4 Nonsuch Lad Aidan Keeley J R Boyle
5 Young Winston Joey Haynes J Mackie
6 Una Notte George Rooke D J Coakley
7 Moonis T P Queally G L Moore
8 By Your Side Rob Hornby E A L Dunlop
9 I Am The Sea Tom Marquand W J Haggas
10 Glittering Choice Cieren Fallon Hugo Palmer
NR Super Stars David Egan M Johnston
Race 6 Results 16:10 17-10-2022
Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer
1 Frantanck Tom Marquand W J Haggas
2 My Mate Ted Cieren Fallon R A Teal
3 Farasi Lane Rob Hornby Tom Ward
4 Foden S M Levey R Hannon
5 Devasboy Hayley Turner M Johnston
6 Rival Aidan Keeley J L Flint
7 Mr Trick Ben Sanderson Ian Williams
8 Super Den David Egan Terry Kent
9 Lost In Time Charlie Bennett D K Ivory
10 The Rain King R Kingscote Mrs Dunn
11 Espresso Freddo Mollie Phillips Robert Stephens
Race 7 Results 16:45 17-10-2022
Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer
1 Promoting Tom Marquand H Morrison
2 Roundabout Silver Paddy Bradley J R Boyle
3 Alyara Aidan Keeley J L Flint
4 Tara George Rooke Mrs L Richards
5 Daphne May S M Levey Adam West
6 Galactic Glow Alexander Voikhansky L A Dace
7 Gypsy Whisper Charles Bishop S Dixon
8 Platinum Prince T P Queally G L Moore
9 Cyrus Kingofpersia Rob Hornby H Candy
10 My Friend Woody D C Costello Jean-Rene Auvray
11 Essme David Egan J J Bridger
12 Typical Man R Kingscote Ian Williams
NR Kadima Imperial Cieren Fallon Mrs H Main
NR Mr Zee - -
Race 8 Results 17:15 17-10-2022
Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer
1 Afta Party S M Levey Alice Haynes
2 Mabre P Cosgrave P D Evans
3 Starry Eyes Rob Hornby B R Johnson
4 Dourado Hector Crouch P R Chamings
5 Hy Eales George Rooke J L Spearing
6 Fourshadesofsilver Louis Steward J Ryan
7 Laurentia Charlie Bennett D K Ivory
8 Peruvian Summer D C Costello J T Stimpson
9 Susanbequick Charles Bishop Joe Ponting
10 Ladypacksapunch Finley Marsh Grace Harris
11 Tricky Business R Coakley W S Kittow
12 Maykir Aidan Keeley J R Jenkins
13 Just Albert Rose Dawes Geoffrey Deacon
NR Rampage David Egan D & C Kubler

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